Saturday, 1-31 WOD "Jared"

-800m Run
-40 Pull Ups
-70 Push Ups
Scaled: 1/2 distance and reps.
Transition: Banded Pull ups, Push ups on knees

Friday, 1-30 WOD

15 Min. AMRAP:
-1 Rope Climb
-30 Double Unders
-5 Burpees
Transition: Modify Rope Climb, 60 Single Unders
Scaled: 10 Min AMRAP

Thursday, 1-29 WOD

Part A. Clean Pull, All Same Wt.
Part B. 2 Hanging Cleans followed by 1 Jerk, Same Wt.
Part C. Front Squat, Same Wt.

Wednesday, 1-28 WOD

For Time: 
-50 GHD Sit Ups
-40 Wall Ball, 20/14lb
-30 Lunges in Place, 70/50lb
-20 Handstand Push Ups
-10 Bar Muscle Ups
Transition: Ab Mat, lighten WB & lunges, Modify HSPU and MUs
Scaled: 1/2 Reps
Competition: WB-30/20lb, Lunges-100/70lb, HSPU on parallettes
Time Cap: 25 Min.

Tuesday, 1-27 WOD "CrossFit Total"

“CrossFit Total”
-Back Squat, 1 Rep
-Shoulder Press, 1 Rep
-Deadlift, 1 Rep
*Warm up to 1RM, 3 attempts for each movement.
You have 20 Min for the Squat, 10 Min for the Press, and 15 Min for the Deadlift.

Monday, 1-26 WOD

For Time:
-40 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35lb
-10 Box Jumps, 24/20”
-30 KB Swings
-20 Box Jumps
-20 KB Swings
-30 Box Jumps
-10 KB Swings
-40 Box Jumps
Competition: 70/53lb, 30/24”
Scaled: 1/2 Reps for all
Transition: less wt, lower box
Time Cap: 30 Min.

Saturday, 1-24 WOD "Tabata This"

"Tabata This"
-Tabata Row
-Rest 1 Min
-Tabata Squat
-Rest 1 Min
-Tabata Pull Up
-Rest 1 Min
-Tabata Push Up
-Rest 1 Min
-Tabata Sit Up

Each movement must be done for 8 sequences of 20 sec work to 10 sec rest.
Post Total Reps, Calories on Row.

Transition: Banded Pull Ups
Scaled: 4 Rounds per movement

Friday, 1-23 WOD "Kalsu"

For Time:
-100 Thrusters, 135/95lb
with 5 Burpees EMOM

Transition: less wt.
Scaled: 40 Thrusters, 4 Burpees EMOM

40-49: 115/80lb
50 & Up: 95/65lb

Thursday, 1-22 WOD

Part A. Hang Snatch @ 70% of 1RM Snatch

Part B. Back Squat
10-10-10: all the same wt.

Part C. For Time:
-Russian KB Swings, 70/53lb
-Knees to Elbows
-Hip Extensions

Transition: less wt, knee ups
Scaled: Start @ 20
Time Cap: 15 Min.

Wednesday, 1-21 WOD

-3 Muscle Ups
-4 Squat Cleans, 135/95lb
-10 Box Jump, 30/24"

Competition: 165/110lb
Transition: Modify MUs, less wt, lower box

40-49: 115/80lb
50 & Up: 95/65lb
Time Cap: 25 Min.

Tuesday, 1-20 WOD

-50 Walking Lunge Steps
-20 Handstand Push Ups
-100 Double Unders

Transition: Single unders x 2, modify HSPU
Scaled: 1/2 Reps
Time Cap: 25 Min.

Monday, 1-19 WOD

Part A.
For Wt. Bench Press

Part B. 10 Min. AMRAP
-10 Deadlift, 275/185lb
-20 GHD Sit Ups

40-49: 255/165lb
50-59: 225/145lb
60 & up: 205/135lb

Transition: Ab Mat, less wt.
Scaled: 6 Min. AMRAP

Saturday, 1-17 WOD

For Time: 
-Power Cleans, 95/65lb
-Sit Ups
-Back Extensions

Transition: Less Wt.
Scaled: Start at 15
Time Limit: 25 Min.

Competition: 115/80lb

Friday, 1-16 WOD

4 RFT:
-Run 400m
-20 Wall Ball
-40 Double Unders
Transition: lighten WB, Single Unders x 3
Scaled: 2RFT
Time Limit: 25 Min.

Competition: WB 30/20lb

Thursday, 1-15 WOD

Part A.  15 Min to Max out Snatch
Part B.  15 Min to Max out Clean and Jerk
Part C.  15 Min to 3 Rep Max Front Squat

Wednesday, 1-14 WOD "Colin Squared"

“Colin Squared” Partner WOD
For Time: 
HS Hold / 40 KB Lunges, 70/50lb
Chin Up Hold / 40 K2E
Both Partners Climb Rope 5 times each.
135/95lb Back Squat Hold / 40 Push Press, 115/75lb
GHD Hold / 40 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Reps may not be done if partner’s hold is broken.
1 Partner holds until reps are completed, then they switch and repeat before going to the next movement.

Transition: Modify Rope climb x 2, Chin Up Hold with band, Push Up Plank instead of HS Hold, less wt., Knee Ups, 
Scaled: 1/2 Reps
50 and Up: 95/65lb BS Hold, 50/30lb KB, Regular Pull Ups

Tuesday, 1-13 WOD

Part A. Ring Dip Ladder
-Rest 5 Min.
Part B. Overhead Squat Ladder, 1/2 Body Wt.

On a ladder, you do 1 rep during the 1st min, 2 reps
during the 2nd min, etc. until you are unable to finish the 
required reps during the set min.  Record total reps for each.

Transition: less wt., banded dips

Monday, 1-12 WOD "Donkey Kong"

Part A. For Wt.
Shoulder Press
Part B. "Donkey Kong"
For Time:
-Kettlebell, 53/35lb
-Box Jump, 24/20"

Transition: lighten KB, lower box

Saturday, 1-10 WOD

-10 KB Snatch on Right
-10 KB Snatch on Left
-30 Double Unders
-10 KB Push Press on Right
-10 KB Push Press on Left

Transition: Less Wt, Single Unders x 3
Scaled: 2RFT

Rx Wt.: 53/35lb
Competition: 70/53lb
50 and up: 35/25lb

Friday, 1-9 WOD

For Time:
-Row 500m
-10 Alternating Turkish Get Ups with a Bar, 45/35lb
(the movement included lying back to supine with bar)
-Row 500m
-20 Sotts Press, 45/35lb
-Row 500m
-30 Burpees over Bar

Transition: less wt./pvc as needed, burpees + toes as high as able
Scaled: Row 250m, 1/2 reps

*we will have a sign up for this one due to limited rowers

Thursday, 1-8 WOD

Part A. 8 Min EMOM
-1 Full Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

Part B. 8 Min EMOM
-1 Full Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk

Part C. 8 Min EMOM
-4 Back Squats

Part D. 8 Min EMOM
-Max Effort L-Sit

Part A, B, and C should be done at 1 continuous wt., and heavy.
Any failure, means that you should lower wt., and continue at the new wt.

Wednesday, 1-7 WOD

For Time:
-60 GHD Sit Ups
-40 Handstand Push Ups
-20 Muscle Ups

Transition: 150 Sit Ups, 125 Push Ups, 100 Pull Ups
Scaled: 1/2

Tuesday, 1-6 WOD "Luke"

For Time:
-Run 400m
-15 Clean and Jerks
-Run 400m
-30 Toes to Bar
-Run 400m
-45 Wall Ball, 20/14lb
-Run 400
-45 KB Swings, 53/35lb
-Run 400m
-30 Ring Dips
-Run 400m
-15 Weighted Lunge Steps
-Run 400m

Transition: Less wt., toes as high as able, banded dips
Scaled: 1/2 run and reps

Rx Wt.: 155/105lb
40-49: 135/95lb
50 and up: 115/80lb

Monday, 1-5-WOD

Part A. For Weight, Deadlift
You may change wt. between sets.
Touch and go only.
Part B. 7 Min. AMRAP
-10 Thrusters, 95/65lb
-15 Box Jumps, 24/20"
Transition: less wt., lower box